Damage Assessment

Our in-house team of building consultants stands ready to provide expert building damage assessment and method of repair recommendations. Through years of network development, we are also positioned to involve vetted and trusted engineers, attorney’s, and supporting experts otherwise as your needs demand.

Cost Estimating

From the complex to the repetitive, Deft Consultant’s estimators are the best in the business. Our in-house team has in excess of 10,000 estimates under our belt. In addition to experience, we do not limit ourselves to one or even two estimation platforms but rather incorporate and utilize many of the industry trusted resources to produce the correct proposal and/or settlement figure.

Project Review

Do you need confirmation that your contractor is providing you with fair and thorough proposals for your building project?  There is no better option than Deft Consultants to review the scope and costs associated with your project to give you the peace of mind that you’ve selected the right people at the right price.


Appraisal Services

Deft Consultants retains WIND and IAUA certified adjuster’s and umpires to assist with your appraisal needs.

Drone Services

Our drone technicians have been at the forefront of the incorporation of drone technology into building damage assessment and claims handling since early on. From going above and beyond to keep up with FAA requirements and certifications to experimenting with securing data not previously obtainable with manpower, we at Deft Consultants recognize the importance of drones to the future of our industry.

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